Mobile Massage Therapy (By Referral)

  • $97.50 for a 45 minute session

  • $130 for a 1 hour session

  • $162 for a 75 minute session

  • $195 for a 90 minute session

  • Save $10/session with access to parking

  • Save $5/session - own massage table

  • Aromatherapy is optional and included

  • Digital (PDF) receipt provided

Covid-19 Public Health Measures

Registered Massage Therapists are regulated by The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario in conjunction with Ontario’s Ministry of Health (MOH). The following mandated Public Health measures will be carried out for all Bodywork Athletics’ RMT services to ensure optimal client safety and well-being:

  • As part of our booking process, you will be screened virtually for Covid-19. If the screening is not passed, you will be advised to self-isolate and complete MOH’s online self-assessment tool before notifying your family physician or Telehealth Ontario; the appointment can be rescheduled after 14 days.

  • Covid-19 is reportable to Toronto Public Health in accordance with Ontario’s Health Protection and Promotion Act.

  • Health history, intake forms, and special consent forms will all be provided digitally.

  • I will arrive wearing a new surgical-grade face mask. Please wear your own clean/unused mask for the duration of my stay (if tolerable), particularly when lying on the massage table face up or side lying.

  • Upon my arrival, all present will be required to wash hands thoroughly using soap and water. Please refer to Public Health Ontario’s suggested method of handwashing. Hand sanitizer approved by Health Canada is also acceptable.

  • As an additional screening measure, I will record your temperature using a non-contact, infrared instant thermometer to ensure you are not feverish.

  • For superior air hygiene, I will employ the use of a portable Dyson air purifier (with HEPA filter) strategically placed in relation to the massage table.

  • The massage table and all areas of increased physical contact will be cleaned and disinfected before and after every session.

  • Fresh linen will be used for every massage appointment. Used linen will be stored and transported to laundry in a plastic bag.

  • I am required to maintain a record of every person entering the treatment premise, including full name and phone number. This information shall remain confidential, unless needed by Public Health for contact tracing purposes.

  • I have completed the required training for Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC), Hand Hygiene e-Learning Tool, and Public Health Ontario’s instructional videos on Hand Hygiene and PPE.

  • Click here for a comprehensive list of Public Health Ontario’s Covid-19 fact sheets.


Massage’s history is rooted in technique and body knowledge, but is also about heart, healing intention and connection between therapist and client.” — Bob Benson